High Quality USB Programming Cable For ICOM F110 F111 F120 etc Car Mobile Radio

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Walkie Talkie USB Programming Cable for Icom CB Radio IC-F110 IC-F111 IC-F120 IC-F121 IC-F210 IC-F220 IC-F221 IC-440 IC-F500


 * High Quality USB Programming Cable For ICOM Car Mobile Radio (RJ45 / 8-Pin)  

* Used for PC system: Windows 98ME/2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Vista.

* (Radio Programming software NOT included), USB driver CD included in the parcel.

100% Brand New & Never been Used

Part Number


Interface Type

USB 2.0

Compatible For

IC-F110, IC-F110N IC-F110SN, IC-F111, IC-F110S

IC-F120,IC-F121, IC-F121S IC-F210, IC-F210S N/W, IC-F211, IC-F220, IC-F221S, IC-F221,

IC-440, IC-400pro

IC-F500, IC-F510, IC-F510N, IC-F511, IC-F520, IC-F521

IC-F610, IC-F610 MPT N/W, IC-F610N/W, IC-F611 IC-F620, IC-F620TR, IC-F621, IC-F621TR

IC-F1721, IC-F1721D, IC-F1821, IC-F1821D

IC-F2721, IC-F2721D, IC-F2821, IC-F2821D

IC-F5010, IC-F5011, IC-F5021, IC-F5023, IC-F5060, IC-F5061, IC-F5063, IC-F5120, IC-F5121,

IC-F6010, IC-F6011, IC-F6021, IC-F6023, IC-F6060, IC-F6061, ICF-6120, IC-F6121, IC-F6063

IC-F9511, IC-F9521, IC-F9523

IC-FR5000, IC-FR6000


What’s In the Parcel:

1x USB Programming Cable

1x CD With USB Driver Only

Weight 0.354 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 mm


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