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Who we are?

When shopping for a ham radio online, you may often face a dilemma: buy from a reputable site and pay more, or risk buying from a not-so-trustworthy site to get the lowest price. With Anyradios.com, you don’t have to choose between low prices and a safe shopping experience. You can have it all when you shop with us.

Anyradios.com is a well-known online store specializing in Two-way Radios, Radio Accessories, FM Transmitters, Mobile Radio Transceivers, CB Linear Amplifier, frequency counter ,Antenna ANALYZER, lShortwave Radios, and Oscilloscopes. Meanwhile, to satisfy more demands of different customers, Anyradios.com also offers headphones, Hi-Fis, Satellite Finders and Bluetooth Devices.

How we’re different

Not like many retails selling thousands of products, most of which are involved in oversized areas, we are focusing on Radios Products, with the complement of other gadgets. For example, with many CHINA Radio Factory Electronics as our official partners. That is our developing concept: keep our style, guarantee customer satisfaction.
Besides, we have facebook and Google+ to share the interesting things with you, a forum to let you write your problems, a Daily Deals section to help you find the discounted product easier and a……etc. All these are made to enable you to find our prices among the best along with quality guarantee
How we work

Once you place your order, it will be processed as soon as possible. Generally it will be shipped out within 36 hours. Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order.
We’re available to help in any way we can. For tracking your order or something urgent, please feel free to contact us by email via sales@anyradios.com and we’ll do our best to reply you within 36 hours.
Customer service working time: Monday-Friday 9a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday 9a.m. to 1p.m. except public and statutory holidays.

Global Sales Center (English) :

Telephone / WhatsApp: 0086 18159282307

Contact: Ms. Amy Huang

Open    : MON ~FRI  :9:00~18:00 / SAT : 9:00~13:00
Closed : SUNDAY for  Public Holiday

Sales Department:


Address: Unit 1007, Xing Lin Wan Road, Jimei, Xiamen, 361022, China

For any enquiries if you choose DHpay for payment,you can contact:

Address: Old Street 167 City Road London, EC1V 1AW, UK

13 thoughts on “About us”

  1. John Tennant

    Do you deliver to Canada …I do also have a post address in Buffaloo as well You don’t show a price for the RS-918ssb transceiver or delivery costs . So would appreciate that information. as well as …..how long a delivery

    John Tennant

    1. shipping time about 7-25 days if ship by Singapore Post, if shipping by DHL will be 3-5 days, but express cost is much more

  2. Purchased two radios and accessories from this company with no issues. I recommended the to six of my friends and they are all happy with their purchases.

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