How to use Handheld Walkie-Talkie

How to use the walkie-talkie
There are 16 channels. In addition to the switch button, there are two buttons. One is pressed to turn on the red light and the other turns on the green light. I have tried all channels, but none of them have sound. How do I set the channel, how to search for the channel, and the machine? It is domestically produced, there is no information table, just the above-mentioned keys.

Extended information:

  1. First of all, there will be three buttons on the walkie-talkie, namely volume switch, frequency modulation, and speech button. We first need to turn on the walkie-talkie, adjust the knob, and through the knob we can also adjust the sound level of the walkie-talkie.
  2. The channel needs to be adjusted to be the same as the friend’s channel. We adjust another knob. If there are frequent noises, it usually conflicts with other people’s channels, so you need to change to a new channel.
  3. After we have adjusted it, when it can be used normally, the walkie-talkie will have a prompt, for example, this is displayed in green.
  4. When we need to speak, press the button on the side of the fuselage, the light turns red, we can speak, and the other party can hear your voice.

Maintenance of walkie-talkie:

(1) The walkie-talkie can emit electromagnetic waves, which will interfere with the normal operation of other electronic devices, and will also occupy/interfere with wireless communication channels. Therefore, for the sake of insurance, it is best to apply for a legal call sign and apply to the Commission for inspection. Obtain a license to use the walkie-talkie.

(2) The walkie-talkie is an electronic device, which should be waterproof, lightning-proof and impact-proof. Generally do not allow it to come into contact with water. For walkie-talkies that have not passed the relevant walkie-talkie waterproof certification, attention should be paid to prevent rainwater from entering the body in rainy days. Once rainwater enters the body, immediately turn off the power and remove the battery, and send it to a professional for confirmation. Can be used after booting;

(3) Protect the antenna, do not bend the antenna at will, do not turn on the machine without the antenna connected, do not use unqualified/unmatched antenna at will, and do not pick up the walkie-talkie by grabbing the antenna.

(4) From the time the PTT button is pressed to the actual signal transmission, there is a certain delay in the middle, and the length of this delay varies depending on the quality of the machine. Therefore, after pressing the launch button steadily, wait one or two seconds before speaking. After you finish speaking, wait one or two seconds before releasing the launch button. Otherwise, others will not hear what you are saying completely.

The speech process should be concise and concise. Don’t occupy the channel for a long time, because when you are speaking, others can only listen, and the machine will be in the transmitting state for a long time, the machine will heat up, and in severe cases, the walkie-talkie may even be burned out due to long transmission.

(5) Pay attention to public ethics when using walkie-talkies. Don’t use the channel for a long time. Because walkie-talkies use half-duplex working mode, you occupy the frequency resources of this channel when you talk. Others can only listen and cannot transmit, even if they are transmitting. , Other people can’t hear it (and it’s not good for your own machine). This is especially important when traveling in large fleets.

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