Digital walkie-talkie,Motorola system released new products

Motorola analog walkie-talkies have achieved good results in the professional market. Now Motorola Systems has launched the new MOTOTRBOTM series of digital walkie-talkie products.

The new products introduced this time include XiR P3688 series digital walkie-talkie, XiR M3188 and XiR M3688 series mobile radio, XiR M6660 series radio, XiR E8600 series digital walkie-talkie and other two handheld radios and three radios.

Wang Haiming, general manager of wireless intercom channel business of Motorola Systems (China) Co., Ltd. stressed that from analog radio to digital walkie-talkie, the walkie-talkie evolved from the original voice call to data transmission, and the call quality and battery life have been greatly improved.

The XiR E8600 is a compact, rugged, waterproof, professional digital walkie-talkie. Despite the palm-sized size, the XiR E8600 features the MOTOTRBOTM P86 series with full MOTORBOTM voice and data processing capabilities. The XiR E8608 handheld radio also features Bluetooth and a built-in GPS receiver for GPS, Bluetooth and systems. Features, etc. At the same time, the XiR E8600 achieves IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance, even in wet and dusty environments.

Wang Haiming said that the target industries of MOTOTRBOTM are railway, petroleum and petrochemical, forestry, manufacturing, hotels, security and so on.

After the introduction of the XiR P6600 series walkie-talkie, the Motorola system also launched its corresponding radio station, the XiR M6660. This level of product in the MOTOTRBOTM product line is highly scalable, offers optional IP base station interconnect roaming, and offers innovative sound processing features such as intelligent volume adjustment that can be dynamically based on the noise level of your environment volume adjustment.

Referring to the classics, Wang Haiming said that in order to continue the classic design of GP3688 in the walkie-talkie market, the appearance of the Motorola digital walkie-talkie XiR P3688 maintains the classic design style, and can share the battery, charger and other accessories of the GP3688 analog walkie-talkie, which is convenient for users. Analog to digital conversion saves investment costs for users.

Jiang Hao, Chairman and President of Motorola Systems (China) Co., Ltd., said that the MOTOTRBOTM series has grown from the world’s first digital walkie-talkie to a family of more than 30 different models in China, serving different industry users and market. From no display to digital display to Chinese display; from black and white display to color display; from a single digital voice function to a combination of voice and GPS positioning, text messaging, telemetry remote control, Bluetooth technology and other data functions; from ordinary walkie-talkie From explosion-proof walkie-talkies to high-grade explosion-proof walkie-talkies, we are constantly redefining our customers’ expectations for wireless intercom innovation and providing professional users with complete communication solutions that meet their needs. Just as we are always leading the transformation of enterprise digital voice and data communication, we will continue to work on the innovation of the walkie-talkie product portfolio to meet the communication needs at critical moments.

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