Baofeng DM-1701 Digital Dual Band DMR Two Way Radio

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Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band DMR Portable Digital Two Way Radio

Baofeng new UHF VHF Dual Band DMR Radio DMO True 2-slot with AMBE+2TM technology 136-174/400-480Mhz ham amateur radio



1.Wide band intercom

Supports UV dual-band, frequency range UHF 400.000- 480.000MHz/VHF 136.000-174.000MHz

2.DMO True2-Slot dual slots

3.Digital-analog compatible, smooth over

4.Digital signaling function

5.SMS function

6.High fidelity quality

7.Manual Programmable

8.High and low power selection

9.CTCSS/CDCSS and tail cancellation

10.Alarm function

11.Digital mode supports the use of relays

Side key custom settings, do not change the user’s operating habits on the machine


Frequency Range: VHF:136-174MHz /UHF:400-480MHz (Dual Band)
Storage Channel 3000
Frequency Stability ±1.0ppm
Work Temperature -30ºC-+60ºC
Rated Voltage DC7.4V
Dimension(H×W×D) 133×62×36mm (not including Antenna)


Output Power High:5W    Low:1W
Emission Current ANALOGUE≤1.6A   Digit≤0.9A
Standby Current ≤0.18A
FM Modulation Mode(W/N Band) 16K¢F3E 25KHz   141K¢F3E 20KHz   11K¢F3E 12.5KHz
4FSK Digital modulation mode 12.5KHz Date:7K60FXD           12.5KHz Data and voice:7K60FXE
Audio Distortion <5%
SNR (wide / narrow) ≥45dB 25KHz    ≥40dB 12.5KHz
Adjacent Channel Power ≤-65dB        ≤-60dB
Acoustic Frequency Response +1~-3dB
Antenna Port Stray 9KHz-1GHz:  ≤-36dBm      1GHz-12.75GHz:  ≤-30dBm
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1, -2, -3
Voice Coder Type AMBE+2 TM


Analogue receive Sensitivity -122dBm (12dB SINAD)
Digit  receive Sensitivity -120dBm (BER≤5%)
Audio Power 1W
Audio Distortion <10%
Acoustic Frequency Response +1~-3dB
Spurious Response ≥70dB
Inter modulation (width / narrow) ≥62dB/≥58dB
Adjacent channel selectivity (wide / narrow) ≥65dB/≥60dB
Receive Current ≤380mA
FM Noise ≥45dB 25KHz /≥40dB 12.5KHz

Package Contain

  • 1x Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band Radio
  • 1x Radio Battery
  • 1x Belt Clip
  • 1x Antenna
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x synopsis
  • 1x PTT Headset

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 mm


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