For Citizen Band Radio Mag-1345 Magnet Base 4 Meters Feeder Cable Antenna

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Magnet Base 26-28MHz CB Radio Antenna Mag-1345 with 4 meters feeder Cable Center 27MHz high gain PL259 connector with 4M Coaxial cable magnetic antenna for Citizen Band Radio

CB Radio Antenna Mag-1345 27MHz for Mobile two way radio ANYTONE AT-6666 AT-5555N ANYSECU CB-40M CB-27 Citizen Band Radio

Main features

*high gain
*CB band with center frequency 27MHz
*with min magnet base
*easy to install
*4M RG58U feeder cable
Frequency: 26-28MHz (Center 27MHz)
Max Input Power:30W
Standing-wave Ratio (SWR): <1.5
Connector: UHF(PL259)M
Length of feeder Cable:4m
Lenght: 31.5cm (base3.5+antenna 28cm)

Standard package:

1*CB antenna with feeder cable;
1*rubber protective layer;
1*screw driver
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 mm


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