For Vertex VX3R FT40R FT50R FT60R etc Walkie Talkie Throat Microphone Earpiece

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Throat Mic Earpiece Headset For Vertex VX3R FT-60R/VX354 FT50R FT60R VX1R VX130 VX132 VX150 VX160


  1. This throat microphone with Extendable neckband  can be easily hidden under the collar.
  2. With air tube soft and comfortable to wear
  3.  Ideal for usage in high ambient environment such as driving, riding motorcycles and bicycles.
  4. Ideal for surveillance purposes and security at airports, casinos, crowd control at conventions and concerts and other working environment requiring discreet communications
  5. With finger push to talk PPT, which is easy for commnunications
  6. Extendable Size: Adjustable to suits neck size between 12″ and 15″

Compatible with Radio Models:

FT10R FT40R FT50R FT60R VX1R VX10 VX110 VX130

VX131 VX132  VX14  VX150VX151  VX152 VX160 VX17

VX180 VX2R VX210 VX210AVX3R VX300 VX400 VX410

VX414 VX417 VX420 VX424VX5R VX351 VX168 VX354

VX426 VX200 VX350

Package Including:

1 X Throat Mic Earpiece

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 mm


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