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Kydera LTE-CDR700UV GPS 4G Dispatching System DMR Motorolable Military UHF VHF ​Mobile Radio

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Kydera LTE-CDR700UV GPS 4G UHF VHF LTE DMR Motorolable Military Mobile Radio Dispatching System​​​

Motorolable military 4G UHF VHF LTE DMR mobile radio LTE-CDR700UV two way radio with GPS dispatching system​

LTE-CDR700UV Vehicle mounted station 
1. RF Power Output 40 Watt
2. Frequency Range VHF:136-174MHz & UHF:400-480MHz                                                           

Sim card frequency 800/850/900/1800mhz,band1/3/5/8/9/34/38/39/40/41

3. Channel 4000
4. Battery Votage 7.4V (Li-ion Battery)
5. Antenna Impedance 50Ω
6. Dimension 138X160X41mm
7. Weight 2.5KGS
8. Color Black
7. GPS Yes
10. Packaging One main radio with accessories in a gift box.
11.Advantage 1 with Dispatching system can checking the radios locations in time
12.Advantage 2 Cross band function, transmit from DMR to LTE, for unlimited talking range

2.DMR Feature of mobile radio

Menu Mode  LCD Display  FM Radio
VOX,107 DCS,50 CTCSS  Multiple Call Tones+1750Hz  Hi/Mid/Low Power
Keypad  Low Battery Alert  Time-out Timer
Priority Scan  PC Programmable  CO/TO/SE Scan Switchable
Channel Naming  Selectable Squelch Level

By advanced Intemet technology and itelligenty integrates broadband technologies such as 3G/LTE and WLAN, as well as narrowband technologies like DMR and analog. New Century releases Kydera multiple converged terminals, providing voice communication service solutions with end-to-end, interconnectivity, relay mutual transfer and other functions that integrate multi modes.
With advanced network, TDMA and digital vocoder technologies, the solution ensures voice confidentiality and security and control the overall situation by diversified and converged voice communicat ions at critical moments in multiple occasions to achieve unified dispatching and command. Enables users to enjoy a more perfect and richer broadband/narrowband convergence communication experience, and improve the work efficiency.
口Design centered on key applications:
TFT2,4″ Hd color display realizes intuitive human-machine visual recognition;
multi- mode display is clear at a glance. The fficient applications with simple,convenient and logical operations enable users to quickly operate the radios in an emergency.
口Dual band LTE-Broadband
Inellient manufacture and convergence realize dual standby, dual transmitting, dual communication, and mutual transfer of dedicated and public network. Support to communicate with DMR digial/analog radio dedicated network as well as public networks radios. Besides, it supports multiple voice communications to ollaborate operation to ensure users always in voice communication and response.
口LTE-Broadband PTT Applications:
Support to switch the PTT application communication modes instantly and flexibly based on the needs of communications. Moreover, support to select the main mode combination application of PTT thru the menu.
口Application Occasions:
Suitable for use in various industries such as petroleum exploration, property management, ocean engineering, large-scale supermarkets, manufacturing, railways, airports, hotels, security, entertainment venues, construction sites, etc.

Main Features:
1.DMR/Analog channel capacity: Both AB bands to share 4000 channels;

2. VFO Mode:
The frequency and parameter configuration of the AVB bands can be input independently through
the keyboard of the speaker microphone.

3. Cross-band and same band receiving applications.
(1) Supported to receive at dual band, separate VHF to UHF at the same time;
(2) Supported to receive at dual band, separate VHF to VHF or UHF to UHF at the same time.

4. DMR to analog mode CrOss band repeater feature.
(1) Supported repeater feature at dual band or VHF to UHF:
(2) Supported repeater feature at dual band or UHF to VHF.

5. Different time slot repeater feature at same frequency band in DMR mode:
(1) Supported diferent time slot repeater feature at dual band or VHF to VHF;
(2) Supported diferent time -slot repeater feature at dual band or UHF to UHF.
Remarks. If necessary, same frequency band with diferent time-slot can be used for repeater

6. Same time-slot repeater feature at same frequency band in DMR mode.
(1) Supported same time-slot repeater feature at dual band or VHF to VHF;
(2) Supported same time-slot repeater feature at dual band or UHF to UHF.

7. Cross-band receiving and initiating a call at the same time:
(1) When the radio is receiving at VHF, it is supported to initiate a call at UHF at the same time;
(2) When the radio is receving at UHF, it is supported to initiate a call at VHF at the same time;

8. Applications of PoC mode (Push-to-Talk over ellular;:
(1) Supported separate receiving and initiating calls in PoC mode;
(2) Supported separate setting send selecting groups in PoC mode;
(3) Supported to make telephone calls in PoC mode;
(4) The network mode is based on SIM card or WI-FI signal.

9. Convergence applications of public network (PoC) and private network (DMR & Analog):
(1) Supported to work in PoC + DMR + analog modes;
(2) Converged aplications of DMR, analog and PoC interconnection, intercommunication and
mutual conversion, simplifed to support AB/C bands.

(3) With A/B/C bands, DMR, analog, and POC modes can receive at the same time;
(4) With AVB/C bands, DMR, analog, and POC modes can independently set TX PTT
(5) With AB/C bands, supported to mutually convert in DMR, analog and POC modes.

10. GPS
(1) Supported APRS function (for DMR/analog)k;

11. Contacts:
(1) With a capacity of 300,000 digital contacts; (for DMR)
(2) With a capacity of 20,000 digital contacts for group call; (for DMR)
(3) With a capacity of 2000 digital contacts for frequent & independent editing; (for DMR)
(4) With 1000 contacts for making a telephone all; (for PoC)

12. SMS:
(1) With a capacity of 250 pre edited SMS: (for DMR)

13. DigitalVanalog voice recording:
(1) With a capacity of 200 hours recording as standard (500- 1000 hours is optional);

14. Digitalanalog output power.
(1)VHF: 40W;
(2) UHF: 40W;

Public Functions
●TFT2.4”color display
●Numeric keypad input
●Bluetooth (optional)
●PTT multiple modes selection
●A/B Monitor
●LTE/DMR/Analog interconnectivity
●A/B Repeat Interruption
●LTE/DMR/Analog relay mutual transfer
LTE Functions
●Private/Group/AIl Call
●Manual Dial
●20 recordings
●Telephone Call(Optional)

DMR/Analog Functions
Public Functions:
●UHF/VHF dual band, dual standby (Optinal)​
●DMR/Analog detection simultaneously
●4000 Channels / 16 Zones
●Self-defined buttons
●VFO Mode
●Menu Operation On/Off
DMR Functions:
●Private/Group/All Call
●RepeatTalk Around
●300,000+ contacts
●20,000 groups
●2,000 friend contacts
●Remote Monitor
●250 RX group lists
●250 Scan lists
●Recording up to 200 hours
●2 time-slot in DMO
●AMBE+2TM Vocoder
●Emergency Alarm
●Voice Encryption
Analog Functions:
●Squelch Level


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 80 mm


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