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Magnet Mount Bracket UHF PL259 for Base Antenna Mobile Radio


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Mobile Radio Magnet Mount Bracket UHF PL259 Connect for Car Radio Base Antenna

UHF PL259 Port Connectors 5M Feeder Cable +13cm Magnet Mount Bracket for Car Radio Amateur Ham CB Two Way Radio Antenna Base

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Colour: Black
Material: PC + metal
1. Manufactured from anti-corrosive high strength plastic cover ,strong heary duty magnet,cuplule.make this small size antenna base heavy duty and secure to any flat metal surface with no slippage.
2. These bases are used oh the roof of a vehicle and removed when not required . the pvc cupule on the bottom will prevent scratching the sureface to whith the base is applied
base antenna connector
feeder cable:5 Metres
magnet diametre:13CM
Package Contents:
1 X PL259 Port Cable+13cm Magnet Mount Bracket for Radio

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 80 mm


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