Motorola Mobile Radio XiRM8260 XPR4300 XPR4500 etc Microphone RMN5052A


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Motorola Mobile Radio XiRM8260 XPR4300 XPR4500 etc Microphone RMN5052A

1. 100% Brand new & high quality
2. Suit For Motorola compact mobile microphone RMN5052A
3. Uses high impact ABS and polycarbonate plastic housings for ruggedness
4. RMN5052A compact microphone with coiled cord
5. Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 45mm
6. Weight: 217g
7. Color: Black
Suit For

Motorola DGM4100, DGM4100+, DGM6100, DGM6100+, DM3400, DM3401, DM3600, XiRM8228, XiRM8260, XiRM8268, XPR4300, XPR4350, XPR4500 and XPR4550 radios

Replacement microphone for:
ENMN4003AR, HMN9026, HMN9030, HMN9051, PMMN4013A, PMMN4015A, HMN6196A, HMN9052, HMN9053, PMMN4027A, PMMN4002B, PMMN4021A, JMMN4073A, PMMN4022A, HMN3596, PMMN4007, RMN5068, PMMN4024A, PMMN4050, RMN5052, RMN5050, HMN9031, KMC-21, KMC-17, KMC-45, KMC-25, KMC-30, KMC-32, KMC-35, KMC-9C, MH-34B4B, MH-450S,, MH-36B, MH-42B, MH-48, MH-67A8J, HM-158L, HM-36, HM-100N, HM-118N, HM-100TN, HM-118TN, HM-98S, HM-133, HM-133V, EMS-53, EMS-57, SM06M01, SM-T700A, SM06K01, SM06N01, SM07R2, NSP-100, NSP-150V and more
If your radio model not listed above, please see my other item or email us.
Package Include:
1 x Microphone RMN5052A with belt clip
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 mm


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