Nagoya RB-400 Car Antenna Clip Mount 5 Meters PL259 Feeder Cable

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-Connector Socket to Antenna for SO239
-Connector to Radio PL259
-Cable Type RG-58
-Cable Length 5 meters

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Nagoya RB-400 Car Antenna Clip Mount 5 Meters PL259 Feeder Cable for FT-7900R BJ-218 TH-9800 KT-8900 HG-808 Mobile Radio Transceiver

RB-400 Mobile Radio Antenna Mount:

  1. No holes / drilling required
  2. Rubber mounting pad protects mounting surface
  3. Four set-screws insure mount strength for larger antennas
  4. 2-axis adjustment gives flexibility in mounting location, i.e. trunk lid, hatchback, vertical door, etc.
  5. Color: Silver

Mobile Radio Antenna Feeder Cable:

-Connector Socket to Antenna: for SO239
-Connector to Radio: PL259
-Cable Type: RG-58
-Cable Length: 5 meters

Compatible Mobile Radio Models:

for YAESU :FT-1802M ,FT-1807, FT-7900R, FT-1900R,FT-2900, FT-2800M, FT-7800R, FT-8800R,…

for Kenwood : TM-271 ,TM-471,TM-281,TM-481,TK760,TK780,TK7160,TK7180,TK7102,TK7150 TK7302U,TK7360,NX700…

for ICOM : IC-2200H,IC-2720H,F121S, F121, F5011, F5021, F5121D, F5061, F1721, F1821, F9511, V8000, V2300H,…

for Vertex: VX2100,VX2200,VX4500,…

for TYT: TH-9800,TH-7800,TH-9000

for BaoFeng: BF-9500..

for WouXun: KG-UV950P,KG-UV920P,…

for BaoJie: BJ-218…

for QYT: KT8900, KT-8900R,KT-UV980,…

And any other radio that uses PL259(SO-239 / SL16 / UHF-M) connector Antennas.

Package Including:

1 X Nagoya RB-400 Car Antenna Mount

1 X 5 Meters Mobile Radio Antenna Feeder Cable


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