REXON RHP-530E HF VHF Air Band Radio Walkie Talkie

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HF Air Band Radio Transceiver RHP-530E

Features of Air Band Radio:

  1. VOR Navigation with CDI
  2. 5W(PEP) Output Power
  3. 100 Memory Channels
  4. 10 Weather Channels
  5. 121.5MHz Emergency Recall
  6. Semi-duplex Operation
  7. Scanning of NAV & COM Bands
  8. Dual Watch Function
  9. Side Tone Function
  10. LCD Back light
  11. PC Programmable


Characteristic Units Value
Frequency Range TX 118.000MHz to 136.975MHz

RX 108.000MHz to 136.975MHz

Weather Channels:

FM 161.650~163.275MHz (USA Only)

Channel Spacing kHz 8.33/25
Type of Emission 6K00A3E/5K00A3E


Power Source V 7.5VDC
Frequency Stability(-20°c  to +60°c ) ppm ±1.0
Antenna ohm 50
Speaker Impedance ohm 4
Ext Microphone Impedance ohm 150
Operation Temperature °c -20 to +60
Relative Humidity % 90
Average Battery Duty Lif # 5-5-90 Duty Cycle (with BP16 1600mA) Hr Without Power SAVE ≥8

With 1/2 Duty Cycle ≥16

With 1/3 Duty Cycle ≥18

Power Off Current Drain UA ≤75
RF Output Power W 1.5W(CW)

5W (PEP) Typical

Current Drain mA ≤950
Modulation Type Low Level Modulation
Modulation Limiting % 70~100
Modulation Depth % 85~95
Audio Harmonic Distortion % ≤10

85% ±3dB Modulation

Hum & Noise Ratio dB ≤-40

30% modulation

Adjacent Channel Power dB ≤-60/-50 (25k/8.33K)
Harmonics Spurious Emissions dBm ≤-36
Spurious Emissions dBm ≤-46
Configuration Double conversion superheterodyne

1st IF(46MHz)

2nd IF(455KHz)


Sensitivity dB AM ≤0.55µV 6Db S/N 1KHz

≤0.65µV 12dB SINAD with  CCITT

FM≤ 0.4µ V 12dB SINAD

Squelch Sensitivity dB AM ≤0.25µ V

FM ≤0.3µ V

Adjacent Channel Rejection dB ≥60dB
Effective Acceptance Bandwidth 6dB KHz ≥±8.5KHz/±2.8KHz
Intermodulation Response Rejection dB ≥64
Receiver Spurious Emissions dBm ≤-57 from 9Hz to 1GHz

≤-47 from 1GHz to 4GHz

Hum & Noise Ratio dB ≥40 30% Modulation
Spurious Response Rejection dB ≥70
Max Audio Output 10% Distortion W ≥0.5(4Ω) ≤300mA
Audio Distortion % ≤5
Standby Current Drain mA 70 (without Power save)

35 (with 1/2 Duty Cycle)

20 (with 1/3 Duty Cycle)

Package Contains:

1x RHP-530 VHF AIR BAND Radio

1x1700mAh Li-polymer Battery Pack

1x Fast Desk Charger

1x Antenna

1x Headset Adapter

1x English User’s Manual

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 280 × 200 × 90 mm


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