RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box

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RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box

With this RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box, both of the radios can transmit and receive in VHF band or UHF band.
Suitable for Kenwood interface
Battery not needed; No adjustment for transceiver
Easy to use: connection with transceivers only

The frequency of most of the handheld walkie-talkies on the market is 400-470MHz, and the max output power is 5W. This makes the effective talking range about 5-8KM(only in wide-open area). In some areas such as in the city with tall buildings, the range is only 1-2 km, or less.

In order to have long-distance communication, we need a repeater.
Standard repeaters have a high cost, and can be complicated to install, so there was a need for a simple and inexpensive repeater.
The operation is very simple, and no  power supply needed! You do not need to change any part of the radio.
All you need is just two handheld radios and connect the cables to the external mic/spk ports (2.5mm&3.5mm).
You now have a very practical small repeater!

Walkie Talkie Repeater Box for Baofeng Wouxun Puxing Zastone Two handheld 2-Way Radio 

With this RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box, both of the radios can transmit and receive in VHF band or UHF band.




1 x RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box

A radio repeater is a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter that receives a signal and retransmits it, so that two-way radio signals can cover longer distances. A repeater sited at a high elevation can allow two mobile stations, otherwise out of line-of-sight propagation range of each other, to communicate.[1] Repeaters are found in professional, commercial, and government mobile radio systems and also in amateur radio.

Repeater systems use two different radio frequencies; the mobiles transmit on one frequency, and the repeater station receives those transmission and transmits on a second frequency. Since the repeater must transmit at the same time as the signal is being received, and may even use the same antenna for both transmitting and receiving, frequency-selective filters are required to prevent the receiver from being overloaded by the transmitted signal. Some repeaters use two different frequency bands to provide isolation between input and output or as a convenience.

In a communications satellite, a transponder serves a similar function, but the transponder does not necessarily demodulate the relayed signals.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 80 mm


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