Walkie Talkie Bluetooth Hand Microphone Dual PTT for GT-12 Senhaix SHX-8900 8800 etc

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Bluetooth Senhaix No.1 Microphone Speaker Wireless Dual PTT Burst Light SOS Type-c Charging for GT-12 Senhaix SHX-8900 8800 Yaesu 500DR/300DR Mobile Radio


1. Bluetooth connection function

2. High definition sound quality, intelligent noise reduction

3. Emergency lighting, SOS flash

4. Dual PTT, A/B independent emission

5. Volume control

6. 300 hours of battery life


Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 (stable, accurate, and fast)

After the first successful connection, the walkie talkie and the handheld device will open and automatically connect.

Suitable for multiple walkie talkies: For Senhaix 8800 ,GT-12, SHX-8900… For Yaesu 500DR,300DR Mobile Radio

Strong flashlight and flash

Short press the knob to turn on the flashlight, then short press the SOS again. When encountering a dangerous emergency situation, it will flash and quickly send out an alarm signal;

After turning on the red and blue flashing, long press the selection knob key to trigger an alarm;

Dual PTT emission key and Type-C Charging
Independent transmission in the A/B frequency band without disturbing each other

SOS quick alarm, quickly sharing dangerous situations.
One click release, alarm call

Back buckle suspension design, can be suspended for car etc

Package Including:

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 150 mm


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