GP338 GP360 GP388 GP344 HT1250 Smart Dual-way Charger


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Smart Fast Dual-way Charger For Two Way Radio GP338 GP360 GP388 GP344 HT1250


Standard plug port: 5.5*2.5 (DC plug)

Input voltage, current: 12V-2A (switching power supply)

Charging voltage and current: 8.4V–1.2A

Single base weight: 165.6g

Compatible Battery model:

HNN9008, HNN9009, HNN9010, HNN9011, HNN9012, HNN9013, HNN4001, HNN4002, HNN4003, NNTN5510AR, NNTN5510BR, NNTN5510CR, NNTN7174, JMNN4023, PMNN4,420NN407 PMNN407 PMNN4024 PM , PMNN4154, PMNN4159

Two Way Radio compatible:
GP140, GP240, GP280, GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP540, GP580, GP640, GP680, GP1280, GP344R, GP366R, GP388R, GP644R, GP666R, GP688R, GP344, GP388, GP644, GP,329, GP328 GP339, HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1250LS +, HT1550, HT1550LS, HT1550XLS, HT750, MTX8250LS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX900, MTX9250, MTX950, MTX960, PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5450, PRO5550, PRO5350, PRO, 5750, PRO, 5750 , PRO9150, PTX700, PTX760, PTX780

GP320, GP328/338, GP340, GP360, GP380240/280/329
HT750, HT1250, MTX950, MTX9250, MTX850, MTX8250, PRO5150, PRO5350, PRO5450, PRO5550, ETC


Package Including:

1 x Dual-way Charger For GP338 GP360 GP388 GP344 HT1250 Radio

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 400 × 200 × 100 mm


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