Xiegu X108G HF Transceiver 20W Ham Mobile Radio 0.5-30MHz Outdoor Edition Amateur CB Radio


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Xiegu X108G HF Transceiver 20W Ham Mobile Radio 0.5-30MHz Outdoor Edition Amateur CB Radio

X108G  outdoor  version is an X108 upgraded version. It is a single-conversion HF transceiver. In particular to optimize the receive channel , it has a lower local noise and higher signal to noise ratio, up 0.25uV & 12dB;

The machine comes standard with a 2.4kHz SSB and CW filter 500Hz narrow-band filter, the filter excellent properties that dramatically improves the overall performance.

The machine has a large dynamic range AGC control, so X108G when receiving various signals appear at ease;

In addition, also has S meter, power meter standing, NB capabilities, to meet the daily needs of the operator.

RF transmit channels using MOS pipe imports, the machine circuit to ensure the machine is kept constant RF output power level in each frequency band, but also according to actual needs, adjust the output power, and with a high VSWR protection. Overall performance indicators to meet the national standard, FCC (or CE) certification requirements.

X108G outdoor version equipped with a color OLED solid state LCD screen, which allows you to clear outdoor viewing content displayed on the screen when you use; around all-aluminum handle configurations, to better protect the machine.


Low noise, single-conversion superheterodyne receiver.

Double-balanced diode mixers provide excellent dynamic range

Receiving sensitivity: 0.25uV (preamplifier open,> 1.8MHz band).

Narrow double-tuned band-pass filter covering the realization of all amateur bands (WARC bands).

Built NC circuit, the transmission power constant, high control accuracy.

Standard 0.5ppm TCXO circuit of high-quality clock source.

Narrowband standard 500Hz CW filter.

Machine design parameters

Basic parameters: 

Frequency Range: Receive: 0.5 ~ 30MHz

Emissions: All HAM bands

Work mode: SSB (J3E)

CW (A1A)

AM (A3E)

The minimum frequency step: 1Hz

Antenna Impedance: 50

Operating temperature range: -10 ~ + 60

Frequency stability: ± 0.5ppm @ boot 5 minutes, -10 ~ + 60

Operating voltage: 12 ~ 14.5V DC

Current parameters: reception 600mAMax

Emission 7.5AMax

Machine size: 120 * 45 * 180 (mm) [not including knobs, handles, and other prominent]

Transmitter parameters

Transmit power: 20W (@ 13.8V)

Mode: SSB balanced modulator

AM modulated low

Spurious rejection: ≥40dBc

Carrier suppression: ≥45dBc

Selective: SSB 2.4kHz (-6dB)

CW 500Hz (-6dB)

Receiver parameters

IF frequency: 10.7MHz

Receiving sensitivity: 0.5uV (PRE ON, ≤2.0MHz)

0.3uV (PRE ON,> 2.0MHz)

Reception band:

1.8 ~ 2.0MHz

3.5 ~ 4.0MHz

5.0 ~ 5.5MHz

7.0 ~ 7.3MHz

10.0 ~ 10.2MHz

14.0 ~ 14.5MHz

18.0 ~ 18.2MHz

21.0 ~ 21.6MHz

24.8 ~ 25.0MHz

28.0 ~ 28.8MHz

0.5 ~ 30.0MHz (*)

Dynamic range: better than 90dB

RIT frequency tuning range: ± 1kHz

Audio output: 0.5W@8 ohm

Package Content

1* X108G 20w 0.5–30MHz HF transceiver

1* PTT microphone speaker

1 *Power cable

1* USB cable

1* Service card

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 160 × 100 mm


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