Baofeng UV-7R UHF VHF Dual Band Walkie Talkie

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Baofeng UV-7R Dual Band Walkie Talkie 136-174MHz/400-520MHz FM Transceiver Ham Two-Way Radio

Professional FM transceiver

  • Frequency Range: 136.00-174.00 MHz /400.00-520.00MHz
  • Double Launch Key Dual Band Dual Watch
  • High &Low Power Switchover
  • VOX Function
  • Wide/Narrow Band Selection
  • Auto-Back Light
  • Dual Band Standby
  • Time-out Timer (TOT)
  • ATUO Keypad Lock
  • Busy Channel Lock Function

Technical Specification:


Receiver sensitivity: 0.25uV(12dB SINAD)

Audio output:1W@10%

Audio disortion:<10%

Singal to noise ratio: 45dB

Adjacent channel: 65dB/ 60dB(W/N)

Intermediation: 65dB/ 60dB(W/N)

Cluter boycott: 65dB

Consumption in reception: 38mA


Frequency range: 65MHz-108MHz (only commerical FM radio reception)

VHF:136-174MHz UHF: 400-520MHz

Memory channels: up to 128 channels

Frequency step: 2.5kHz/6.25kHz/10kHz/12.5kHz/25kHz

Supply voltage: 7.4V(Rechargeable Lithium-lon)

Frency stability: ±2.5ppm

RF power: 5W-1W

Operating temperature: -20~+60

Antenna impedance: 50

Consumption in transmission: 1.5A

Emission class 16K F3E/11 F3E W/N

Maximum deviation: ±5kHz/ ±2.5kHz(W/N)

Spurious power: 7.5uW

Spurious emissions: -65dB/ -60dB

Signal to noise ratio: -45dB/ -40dB(W/N)

QT/DQT Frequency offset: 0.7±0.1kHz/0.4±0.1kHz(W/N)

Modulation sensivity: 8-12mV

Dimensions: 61.5(W)x 123(H)x 36(D)mm

Weight: 227g(approximate)

Package Included:

1x UV-7R Walkie Talkie

1x Antenna

1x Belt Clip

1x Handstrap

1x Rechargeable Battery

1x Adapter

1x Desk Charger

1x PTT earpiece

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 160 × 150 × 50 mm


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