FX-4C HF SDR Transceiver SSB CW AM FM Two Way Radio

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Talinfone FX-4C HF SDR Transceiver SSB CW AM FM TX 3.5M-29MHz RX 500KHz-50MHz Two Way Radio

FX-4C HF SDR Transceiver 10W Amateur Radio SSB CW AM FM TX 3.5M-29MHz RX 500KHz-50MHz Build In Sound Card


Transmit frequency range: 3.5-29MHZ amateur radio frequency range
Receiving frequency range: 465KHZ-50MHZ
Step frequency range: 10HZ/100HZ/1KHZ/5KHZ/10K/100K/1M
Antenna impedance 50ohm
Operating temperature range -20-+40℃
Voltage range DC9V-18V (long-term operation please keep the maximum +16V or less; suggest about 14V)
Current consumption (transmitting) The maximum current is about 2A, (receiving) current is about 220MA
Body size: length 107mm/width 65mm/height 43mm
Weight: (host) 0.46KG
Bandwidth: SSB 1.5K/1.8K/2.1K/2.4K/2.7K/3K;
CW 50HZ/100HZ/200HZ/300HZ/500HZ/800HZ;
FM 5K/10K;
AM 6K/9K
Power range: 0.1-10W continuously adjustable
Stray radiation suppression: -43DB
Carrier suppression -50DB
Microphone impedance: 2.2K
Audio output power: 1W
Receiving sensitivity: -120DBM

Package include

1 x FX-4C host
1 x Speaker Microphone
1 x Power cable
1 x USB cable
1 x Case

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 250 × 300 × 300 mm


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